donderdag 30 januari 2014

Join us: An Cafe Book project 2014

An Cafe is coming to Europe and we want to do something with that fact, we want to make an An Cafe  book with all the messages of fans who can't join one of the concerts. We know that not everybody can see An Cafe and we want to give you a chance to give something to An Cafe. Also we know An Cafe exists for 10 years now, so we want to do something with that fact as well!

Evaliene will be at the concert and VIP event of An Cafe in Essen. She will give the book personally to the band members.

Only 1 thing! The deadline is very soon, on February 19th! So if you want to join, you have to act fast!

What can you do?
Please share this project with everybody you know. The more the merrier.
Make a drawing, picture, small (or big) message, whatever you want to give to An Cafe and send it to us!

Send us a tweet: @AnCafeNLsupport. You can send us a message on Facebook:
Also you can send Evaliene snailmail (ask the address through the FB page of An Cafe Dutch Support).

Please let us know your name and your country, very important!

We hope to make a lot of fans happy, but also An Cafe!

Good luck,

and of course Francisca

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my god, I just saw it a second ago.
    Damn. I can't do something for the book today... T^T
    Why do I have no time in my holdydays?? TT^TT

  2. awh :( thats too bad ah yeah next time better :3